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was in a black and white halloween costume. local media reported she was shot in the stomach and shoulder and is in critical condition. >> he is extremely devastated by the actions that took place. i mean, it's a tragic incident that occurred. it's not something he ever dreamed would happen. >> a japanese teenager was shot and killed 20 years ago in the state of louisiana. hatori, too, was wearing a halloween costume. the man mistook him for an intruder. his family and friends gathered over the weekend to remember him. >>> struggling japanese electronics maker sharp is fighting to reclaim its share of the market. its sales team is offering up new smartphones and tablet computers featuring next-generation liquid crystal display panels. sharp executives say the new models will be market ready as early as next month. they say their lcds consume a fifth of the power used by conventional models, allowing users to enjoy longer battery life. company officials added that the new screen is also more sensitive. the surface of their devices can respond to the tip of a pen. sharp executives say the n
and minority muslims called rohingyas. local authorities say the latest wave of violence has killed 84 people and wounded more than 120 others. the international group human rights watch released satellite images of muslim homes in the area. compared with photos from march, they reveal heavy damage. the united nations says the latest fighting has forced more than 22,000 people from their homes. the conflict flared in rakhine in may after a group of muslims allegedly assaulted a buddhist woman. the violence has displaced 75,000 people since then. president thein sein has made a policy of promoting reconciliation between ethnic minorities. the government signed a cease-fire in january with a separatist group called the national union, ending more than 60 years of armed conflict. reconciliation with ethnic minorities was the condition western countries placed on myanmar in exchange for easing economic sanctions along with enacting democratic reforms. but the thein sein administration is finding that the rohingya issue is more complicated. many buddhists think of the muslims as intruders from nei
. locals were out to protest the osprey's deployment. >>> a group of japanese people can finally grieve at the graves of relatives who died in post-war north korea. the 16 travelers arrived in pyongyang saturday to visit the cemetery. the japanese nationals buried there died of disease or hunger when interned by the soviet military after world war ii. the group spent sunday touring pyongyang where they spent their childhood. north korean officials showed them the sites including buildings built during japan's colonial era. the travelers will visit the cemetery on monday in the capital city. about 2,400 japanese people were reportedly buried there. >> translator: i think this visit to the graves will bring some sort of relief to the relatives. >> north korean officials have allowed japanese media to cover the trip. analysts say this could mean a thawing of relations. >>> premier wen jiabao made the comment at a ceremony in the great hall of the people in beijing. hu jintao and others attended the event. foreign dignitaries were among the 1,000 guests. >> translator: china will pursue an
no laws dealing with school bullying. local governments have started passing regulations to address the issue. they're informing educators, parents and others in the community they have a responsibility to protect children. >>> now let's take a look at the market figures. >>> space exploration has entered the commercial era. a ship built by a u.s. company has blasted off with supplies for astronauts in orbit. the craft is taking over for the space shuttles and taking private enterprise where it's never gone before. here's the story. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: engineers at the u.s. firm spacex developed the unmanned dragon capsule. they launched it from florida. the rocket separated on schedule ten minutes after liftoff. dragon is cruising towards the space station. it's due to dock in three days, 400 kilz meters above the earth. it's carrying nearly a ton of food and experimental equipment. spacex is the first company to handle a supply mission. its contract with nasa is worth $1.6 billion. 11 more dragons are scheduled to fly. the dragon capsule is now headed towards the inte
the next generation has to take care and we have to pass it onto them. >> reporter: cooperation of local people is important. at this village residents have planted walnut trees and other saplingings. villagers take care of them weeding the grass. forest officials explain the importance of conservation and villagers can use the budget from the project toward repair ing and gain favor with their community. >> if you have a project coming up in a particular village, they'll get an assurance, okay, the project has come. it's for the benefit of the village. so in that respect, more people, more villages coming to join us. >> reporter: training local people to conserve requires long-term financial support. developing nations are calling on advanced economies to allocate more money to the important cause of preserving global heritage. >>> teenage pregnancy rates in many countries are higher than the asian average and rising. that's a concern given the potential health implications for young mothers. international organizations such as unicef warn that pregnancy can harm a young girl's body and
. they have won the past two local derbies. >> coming up after the break, we will look at germany's first private trial in 400 years. and palestinians go to the polls on saturday. >> and if you have any nostalgia for the old vw buses from the 1960's -- i don't know if you remember them -- we have a story about that. >> stay with us. >> welcome back. >> it is the first sentencing of its kind in 400 years. a german court has convicted four somali pirates. >> our next report shows bringing pirates to justice has been a long and complicated process. >> they are a long way from home, and they are not going home anytime soon. 10 somali pirates sentenced by a german court. the three youngest of two years in juvenile detention. it was not a brief trial. the court in hamburg took two years and more than 100 days in session to finally reach its verdict. the 10 men hijacked the german flag container ship in april 2010. the captain managed to send out an sos before hiding with his 15-member crew in the ship's panic room. after a dramatic 3.5-hour rescue mission, dutch commandos detained the pirates.
corrupt and wasting money. local politicians say the protesters are also responsible for spain's pipe -- financial crisis. >> the catalonia government is using the beta of independence to diverted attention from the serious problems that have arisen from budget cuts. these painful cutbacks will continue next year. that is why they are trying to divert people's attention to something else. >> barcelona used to be a boom town, but the economic recession has dragged the city down. work has been suspended at nearly all of the construction sites downtown, whether they be schools, hospitals, or other projects. university fees have nearly doubled. the regional government is cutting costs wherever it can. politicians have racked up 40 billion euros in debt. the problem is catalonia has to pay so much money to the spanish national government in madrid. at least that is what independence supporterssay. she is unemployed. she has a degree in biology and has never been that interested in politics until now. recently, she got involved in the newly founded catalonian national assembly. >> it was th
them out. that is made family is afraid of what can come next. while the local authorities were prompted to remove the paint, the family does not believe they can rely on the turkish state for protection. >> nobody cares about us alawis. our prayer centers are not recognized and the poor among us get no support. >> the government is not serious about finding the person responsible for this. it is always like this. >> many sunnis turn a blind eye to attacks on alawis. >> that could be the remains of painting work or graffiti from kids. children always do this kind of thing. >> alawis in qatar and beyond no longer want to stay silent. they're trying to start a protest movement in turkey. it is becoming clear the kurds are not the only discontented minorities in the country. >> this has been used since roman times. the pantheon is built from it, for example. it was quarried in small quantities, but the marble industry has grown extensively. some has warned it has gotten too big. they say it is damaging the environment and ruining people's health. >> from the center, you cannot see
starts from about $11,000, almost the same as chinese model. nissan kept costs down by using more locally made parts. nissan executives hoped the new car launch would jump-start sales in the country. but the timing couldn't have been worse. anti-japanese sentiment is running high. company managers say the impact on sales has been larger than expected. >> this is the kind of crisis that we don't really like because completely outside of reach of companies. you know, political situations, very emotional between the two countries, and you're caught in the middle. >> reporter: japanese automakers have been forced to keep a lower profile since the senkaku issue erupted. that means no product promotion. this motor show held last month is a key event on the industry calendar. but honda, mitsubishi and fuji all pulled out at the last moment. the situation is made worse by a threatening consumer boycott targeting japanese products. >> translator: because of the senkaku issue, i'm going to buy a german car. >> translator: given the political problems, i don't think it's a good idea to buy a japanes
-right paramilitary groups are terrorizing the town, and they said that local residents would be too afraid to talk. the recently executed one man as an example. only one soldier was willing to speak to us. >> the people are only doing what they are told. they are scared and just want to stay out of trouble. they avoid everything that could cause more problems or more deaths. >> back in bogota, the government is ready to talk peace with the rebels. while the military has eroded their strength in recent years, they have failed to declare a decisive victory. >> both sides have tried their utmost to win this conflict. the colombian government with the help of the united states has doubled its military and police force. we have a stronger military today in brazil, which is a much larger country. >> the rebels have carried out some terrible attacks in our cities, but the state still has not been able to defeat farc and the rebels have not been able to seize power. >> an estimated 5 million people have been displaced by the fighting on both sides of the border. many are stranded in southern colombia. aft
lebanon between groups that support and oppose the syrian government of bashar al assad. local media reported exchanges of fire involving automatic weapons and mortars. the violence was triggered by the killing of a top lebanese security official last week. he was known as a lead og poentd of the syrian president. his death was seen as an act of retaliation by the pro-assad faction in lebanon. the tensions are driving a wedge between the people, mainly sunni factions opposed to the syrian president are fighting against the shia group hezbollah and other sympathizers of bashar al assad. >>> a high-ranking syrian official says president assad welcomes in principle the cease-fire proposal by the united nations and the arab league. syria's deputy foreign minister faisal mekdad made the remarks on monday in an interview with nhk. president assad met with the united nations and envoy lakhdar brahimi sunday in damascus. brahimi called for a cease-fire between government and opposition forces starting on friday, the first day of aislamc eid al adha, a muslim holiday. deputy foreign minister
to as in this small town. liberal dutch called the local people black stockings in reference to the dark-colored a tire worn by the women, but not everyone who lives here is willing to subordinate themselves to the dictates of this god-fearing community. this retired scientist is one of them. he runs -- he runs a small farm and feels constrained by the restrictions of the community. >> you are not allowed to jog here on sundays. you cannot swim in the public pool. you cannot go to the movies or the cafe. they are not even open. what they cannot do is stop you from having sex because i do that behind closed doors. do you understand? >> it is easy for the 69-year- old retired professor to discuss the matter in provocative terms. he is not originally from the area. he is someone who will never be integrated into the community, but even within the community itself, there are increasing signs of resistance. we visited this housekeeper. the 64-year-old water is a devout communist, born and raised here. but over the past few years, she has distanced herself from the church. she has long been re
, and we will continue to speak with local authorities. >> earlier, keikichi hanada spoke to nhk world's who covered this story. >> we saw tens of thousands of people turn up at the rally last month. what drives these people? >> quite simply, they fear for their safety. their houses and their children's schools are stone's throws away from the fences around the air base. many of them saw what could happen eight years ago. a u.s. helicopter crashed on the grounds of a nearby university, so they're fighting against aircraft that they see as unreliable. >> so, why did u.s. and japanese officials go ahead? >> well, they went ahead for logistic and strategic reasons. the marines have been using helicopters that are obsolete, so they need to find a replacement. on the strategic level, u.s. military commanders are implementing a new defense strategy with more emphasis on the asia pacific region. some security analysts say they're doing so to counter china's military buildup. and that's where the osprey's advanced capabilities come in. it flies faster and five times further than the helicopter
says power companies should bear the primary responsibility of winning approval of local municipalities for resuming construction of nuclear plants. he says this remains unchanged from before last year's disaster. >>> members of japan's nuclear regulation authority say they'll examine the ohma plant using new safety standards. they say they won't allow the facility to operate unless it meets the requirements. >>> unemployment in the 17-nation eurozone remained at record highs in august. the european union statistics agency said the jobless rate remained at 11.4%-that means unemployment in the zone stayed at record levels for three straight months. spain's jobless rate hit 25.1%, the highest in the country and the worst in the zone. for people under 25, the rate was 52.9%. 15.9% of people in portugal are out of work and 15% in ireland. tough employment conditions continue in those countries that are implementing austerity measures with assistance from the eu and imf. for greece, the latest data were available only for june. unloimt in the country stood at 24.4% in that month, up 2.7 perc
in bottles with fake labels. this local distillers as it was only a matter of time before somebody made alcohol with all to cheap and toxic methanol. -- ultra-cheap and toxic methanol. >> in normal operation, this cannot happen. we have our ingredients tested and reviewed. this was a back-alley type of operation. instead of ethanol, methanol was used. maybe when a cleaner, for example. -- maybe window cleaner, for example. this type of thing only happens with small, illegal distilleries. >> the entire country is on alert. this couple is getting married, having the spirits for the wedding tested in a laboratory. >> we want to be safe, so our guests are not scared. >> but poor czechs cannot afford to have their alcohol test and cannot afford international brands. this man says he needs to buy alcohol for two euros a bottle and now does not touch the stuff. we asked if he is scared. >> definitely. i am afraid to drink schnapps. it is very unlikely i will get poisonous alcohol, but i am not taking any chances. >> barkeepers in prague are protesting against the government ban. they can no lo
the truth for something more pleasant. >> ordinary local people stopped coming here young ago. only those to afford it come these days. many of them have little sympathy with the protesters. >> i think most portuguese understand we have to get our state finances in order. that's the only way we can stabilize the economy. >> people in this suburb may disagree. the food here has to be donated by local bakeries and supermarkets. volunteers distribute it to those who need it most. he said of the project. >> the people who come here are mainly from low-income households. their middle-class families whose income is decreasing rapidly. there are people with jobs or older people who have debts and cannot afford food who need our help, too. >> some 50 families come here on a regular basis. she is collecting the weekly ration for her family of five. she lives with her parents and they are all unemployed. 37% are without a job. the future seems bleak and many are angry with the prime minister. >> if i could, i would throttle him. what do you do? >> with such widespread discontent, pressure on the po
is more affirmative policy that needs to be created in order to address a very specific local need. i think that will be an area which is going to be an option for the policymaker. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>> all right, top imf and world bank representatives spent their day on wednesday talking about risks of a different kind. they traveled to a disaster mitigation conference in northeastern japan, the region that bore the brunt of last year's earthquake and tsunami. officials say it's in everyone's interest to better manage the threats posed by nature and say the people in japan have a lot of lessons to share. nhk world reports. >> reporter: world bank president and christine lagarde took a break from the meeting room they often frequent and went on a field trip. they visited the coastal areas around sendai. last year's tsunami washed ashore here, and it almost washed away this elementary school. the principal explained to lagarde and kim how children, teachers, and local residents survived the disaster by following the evacuation plan they had prepared. >> translator: i ordered
've been out into yangon to find out. local people enjoy a cool evening at one of the city's newest hot spots. globalization has finally arrived in this once-closed economy, and with it comes consumerism. this shopping mall opened up just this year. there are many foreign products on sale, and locals can't get enough of them. modern fashions, including denim and short skirts, are becoming popular. people in yangon are starting to experience shopping as pleasure. it even has three movie screens, one of the first multiplex cinemas in myanmar. at the shops, cosmetics from south korea are especially popular with fashionable females. >> translator: i like korean cosmetics because they're easy to use and look natural. also they're quite affordable. myanmar is opening up, and there are lots of business opportunities. life is getting better. >> reporter: in the bustling city center, old-fashioned lifestyles are on the way out. the conversation is starting to change. this here is a stand where people would come to make their phone calls. but not anymore. as like most other countries, cell phones
has been met with fierce local opposition, and is years behind schedule. the relocation agreement came about because of another case of sexual assault back in 1995. three u.s. servicemen raped a 12-year-old girl. the incident enraged okinawans. as many as 100,000 people gathered to protest against the u.s. military presence. this latest case of sexual assault, along with the deployment of the osprey aircraft could further inflame u.s. military sentiment in okinawa. and further delay the move. people watching to see how authorities from both countries deal with this incident. in 1995 rape case brought japan/u.s. security ties close to a breaking point. if the japanese and u.s. government fail to act to create appropriately they could put the future of at liance in question. >> all right. thanks very much. >>> u.s. president barack obama and republican challenger mitt romney have held their second televised debate three weeks ahead of the presidential election. the debate on tuesday featured questions from more than 80 uncommitted voters. the atmosphere was far more heated than in their
and local officials are saying. when they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate. >> 370,000 new yorkers who live close to the water have left. the wind was so strong it bent the metal on a crane at this construction site. city officials have shet down the transit system. businesses and shops have closed. workers are piling up sandbags in front of subway entrances and buildings. >> it's very important. this will stop the water from going into the subway so we won't have a flood. >> irene last year didn't even look like this after it hit. >> forecasters say they expect the storm will pound a wide area for several days. and with just nine days to go before the u.s. presidential election, the hurricane is altering the schedule and strategies of the two main candidates. president barack obama was set to campaign in three key states on monday, but he cut his trip short and returned to washington to monitor the storm. in 2005 obama's predecessor george w. bush was harshly criticized for his slow response to hurricane katrina. the storm devastated the south of the united states including the ci
in the state. the local government says at least 84 people have been killed. the conflict first erupted earlier this year after a group of muslims allegedly assaulted a buddhist woman. the united states is delivering food and supplies to refugees in the area. >> the camp is already hosting most of the 75,000 people who remain displaced from the wave of violence that broke out in june this year with a new influx, these already overcrowded camps are being stretched beyond capacity in terms of space, shelter and basic supplies. >>> meanwhile the associate of southeast nations -- urging the international community to help myanmar. >> i see a concern of spearhead humanitarian engagement just to help the people to relieve the pressure, to relieve the suffering and the pain and then there are other issues that we are seeing that has to be taken up by the international community, by the global institutions, like the un. >> north korea intends to hold a major event next year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the the armistice that ended the korean war and maybe using the occasion to improve ties with
and how his family at the time in the netherlands, which is where he grew up, were taken down to the local railway station to be put on a train to be taken to auschwitz where the vast majority of his family actually perished. he was at an area of the platform where there was a dutch policeman who saw him together with some of his family members, and he saidcen -- he said, "is g to be another train passing through, and when i lift my hat, you will run and get on that train and you will escape with your life," and that is exactly what happened. tony told me that he hopes this ceremony and memorial here in berlin will be a signal that such horrors will never be repeated in the future. however, he did tell me about his fears that the discrimination against sinti and roma reaches such levels sometimes that he is concerned people have not learned the lessons of history. >> we will have a special report on a german sinti musicians coming up later in the program, but now we shipped our position to greece, where the country's finance minister says he has negotiated a two-year extension. >> despite
to be created in order to address local needs. i think that is going to be an area which is going to be an option for the policymakers. >> okay, all right. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. >>> two days down, two more to go. still lots on the agenda here. finance ministers from the group of seven nations will be getting down to business tomorrow. as you can imagine, they, too, will address the dilemma over the european debt. they'll discuss how those programs affect china and will talk about the risks of what might happen politically in the united states, so be sure to stay with us here. lots more coming up from the tokyo international forum. >> that was ron madison reporting from the imf world bank meeting venue. >>> top imf and world bank representatives spent their day talking about risks of a different kind. they traveled to a disaster mitigation conference in northeastern japan, the region that bore the brunt of last year's earthquake and tsunami. world bank officials say it's in everyone's interest to better manage the threats posed by nature, and they say people in japan
such as training local, army, and police personnel. they also decided to draw up complex withdrawal plans by early next year, including the number of personnel and budget. as the date for complete exit approaches, it is imperative for nato to restore security in afghanistan or criticism of the exit plan will intensify. takashi ichinose, nhk world, brussels. >>> criticism is mounting against an insurgent attack on a teenage pakistani girl. the backlash is not limited to pakistan as members of the international community are expressing outrage at the shooting. >> translator: we are very sad that an attack targeted a harmless girl who was just seeking her right to an education. >> translator: such an assault on innocent people is not allowed in islam or any other religion. women and children should not become targets. neither should innocent or unarmed civilians. >> reuters reports that the pakistani president, prime minister, and other political leaders denounce the incident. malala yousufazi, a 14-year-old student, was shot and critically wounded on tuesday on her way home from school in her hometo
local but some oil, scientists want to make cleaning agents and plastics that are less harmful to the environment. carbos products rely heavily on fossil fuels. one researcher says the new project is a step up in scale. >> normally we are in our labs doing in test tube size scales. occasionally, we might use a 100 leader reactor. this time, the goal is to go big, tons, a cubic meters. >> the pilot plant is just one of many looking to shake up the industry. the bio economy association consists of 80 industry leaders. they players -- big players like chemical producers, to them, the association is an investment in the future. >> the future of the industry is green. everyone talks about sustainability. we walk the walk and frankly we have no other choice. the oil wells will not float forever. >> oil refineries still loom larger, but the winds are changing. >> not to an update from somalia where african union and somali troops have consolidated their grip on a city there. >> the southern port was the last urban stronghold of the islamist militia which made what it called a tactical
with locals, and it's also attracting tourists. >> in the western media you don't see stuff like this, so it's really interesting. >> reporter: people in north korea are currently enjoying a traditional holiday period. they take time to honor their ancestors and relax. their leader is never far from their minds. >> translator: kim jong-un is devoting himself to run the country to better its people's lives. we're enjoying the holiday, praising kim jong-un and the workers party. >> reporter: the people we met make up a small percentage of the population. north korean authorities only allow foreign media to interact with those who are well-off. u.n. world food program representatives estimate 60 million people or 70% of the population are not getting enough food. heavy rains and several typhoons this summer have made the situation worse, and they expect north koreans, mainly in rural areas, will face a severe food shortage this coming winter. improving the standard of living across the country is one of kim jong-un's many challenges, although unlike amusement parks or restaurants, he and his of
. voters in bosnia are heading to the polls in local elections on sunday. the ballot is widely expected to see an ethnic serbs become mayor of srebrenica for the first time since the 1995 massacre. >> for 7 years, a muslim has been mayor there. >> the mood is tense in srebrenica. people are nervous as elections near after weeks of campaigning. >> many here -- for the first time since the end of the war, the town could be led by one of their own, by a serb mayor. until now, srebrenica has been run by a representative of the town's muslims, the minority after the massacre. the exception in the law no longer applies. many muslims are horrified at the looming changes. back in april, they lobbied the u.s. ambassador, hoping to convince him they needed a bosnian muslim in city hall to speak for their interests. they did not get what they wanted. >> the united states expects that whoever is elected mayor of this community will work very hard for reconciliation and will be working for all the citizens of the city. >> survivors find that hard to believe. >> just a thought of someone becoming may
bullying, but local governments have started passing regulations to address the issue. they're informing educators, parents, and others in the community that they have a responsibility to protect children. >>> an 11-year-old boy has discovered the remains of an exceptionally well-preserved mammoth in siberia. experts say this kind of discovery is a once in a century event. the male mammoth was found on the taymyr peninsula in siberia. his remains date back to 30,000 years ago. the animal is believed to have died at the age of 15 or 16. experts say the permafrost left the organs, bones, and flesh in an exceptional state of preservation. the find indicates that mammoths were able to survive harsh winter conditions by storing a massive amount of fat in their humps. >>> a storm is hovering over the south china sea. for more on the weather forecast, here's mai shoji. mai? >>> yes, gene, absolutely right. you have -- we have a storm over the south china sea which looks like it's going to be intensifying into a severe tropical storm in the next 24/48 before it makes landfall over southern vietn
, they were forced to sell it to the local authority, but unfortunately, the authority did not have the money to pay for its restoration, and now, the search is on for a buyer. >> it hurts that a property like that one has now been empty for over 20 years because i know that the longer it stands empty, the more damage will be done. some things could have been saved if the process of restoration had started earlier. then at a similar fate is shared by more than 400 other castles and stately homes in the northeastern state of mecklenburg. many are ravaged by woodworm and fungal." . -- fungal the case. the former owners failed to repair the roof. the ornate interiors have been destroyed by rot. often people fail to realize how much money is involved in the upkeep of such buildings. if you want to own a mansion, you have to have a few million at your disposal, but multimillionaires tend to prefer thinkers in spain over mansions in northeastern germany. the hunting lodge was just a great, faceless building in communist times, but it has undergone a miraculous transformation since then. the buildin
get the information from the internet and local media. they hear about the crisis and naturally, they have reservations. >> hydraulic presses to form metal are just one of the products this firm turns out. he is sure his company will survive, and he is determined to become a poster child for the eu and imf's insistence on exporting, but he does not think many other creek companies will manage that. >> it is simply very difficult for a company to establish itself abroad on short notice. you have to set up offices there as well as a lot of other things. a lot of companies cannot do it that fast no matter how hard they try. they go bust. they closed down. >> is working closely with the german engineering company to boost foreign sales. the company's are marketing their machinery together, and the strategy is bearing fruit -- the company's -- the companies are marketing their machinery together, and the strategy is bearing fruit. emma we are operating -- >> we're operating with a german company. we have been cooperating technically for a long time. the company is recognized, and it
the local economy take a sharp downturn. steel makers left, and the auto supply industry hit rock-bottom in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. many businesses were forced to shut their doors. bruce was a retired engineer at a company that made parts for general motors. he saw it all happen. >> so many good things and so many good people work here, and now to see it in such a state, it is really hurtful. >> he worked at delphi for 30 years. he did not just lose his job. like thousands of others, he lost much of his retirement money. >> my pension was reduced to about 30% at a time when i had four children in college. i was supposed to be in my best earning years, but it turned out to be just a horrible time. >> in a bid to save u.s. carmakers, the obama administration poured money into the industry. now, parts suppliers have found their feet again, but that does not impress bruce, who says he has lost faith in the government. >> it is impossible to believe that they say anything honestly. they only speak to keep themselves in power and could not really care less. >> not everyon
in virginia at 5.9% is far below the national average. we spoke with kim gray, who works on the local school board. four of her seven children in college. >> we see firsthand what the government can do to turn people's lives around. i am a mother of four college students. without a pell grant and opportunities for financial aid, my children would not have the opportunity for higher education. >> in many respects, virginia is a microcosm of the u.s. -- a state split into conservative rural areas and liberal urban ones, and the polls here are all pointing to a close race. >> german and afghan special forces have captured a high- level taliban commander in afghanistan. >> was seized in the north of the country. he is alleged to have been responsible for the hijacking of two nato oil tankers in 2009 as well as the deaths of three german soldiers in 2010. nato later bombed the tankers, killing more than 100 people. dw-tv's political correspondent gave us this update. >> he was captured on friday in a joint operation lasting three hours involving afghan special forces and german special forces. he
for that attack. it is believed it was revenge for the recent killing of a local television leader. it comes amid plans to withdraw foreign troops by the end of 2014. >> the man blew himself up as people left the mosque. many of the dead were policemen. the bomb was struck -- the bomber struck as the police chief got into his car, only narrowly escaping death. on the muslim festival of sacrifice. >> the attack margin a number of afghan police -- martyred in number of afghan police. the taliban has said muslims into morning. >> the afghan president condemned the attack and called on moderate taliban to join his government. he said the attackers are the enemies of islam, and he is praying for peace in afghanistan. in berlin, the foreign minister promised germany's continued support. >> we will not let up in our efforts to work with afghanis and build a better, more peaceful future for afghanistan. this barbaric attack will not stop us from standing with the children, the families come the people of afghanistan as they forged towards a better future. >> for now, there's little sign of peace in afgha
north, that you need to take this very seriously and follow the instructions of your state and local officials, because they are going to be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with the storm over the coming days. >> hurricane sandy is expected to collide with a winter storm and arctic winds, making it even more dangerous. it is due to hit the east coast on monday night. >> for more on this story, we are joined by our correspondent in new york. bring us up-to-date on the latest. how close is this to new york city? >> the storm is getting closer every minute. the weather is getting worse. the hurricane is probably hitting the city by monday night. people are expecting to be without -- that they will not be able to leave their house for days. the storm will be much longer than the next hurricane -- the last hurricane to hit new york city a year ago. there were long lines at the supermarket. it was difficult to get water, milk, batteries. some of the shelves are empty. there was no morning rush today. the streets are empty. nobody going out. transit shut down. sch
to minus 4 degrees. you see some tourists enjoying the frost on local farms. absolutely beautiful there, but very cold and definitely marking the end of the growing season out across much of that area indeed here. it does look like things are going to continue to remain chilly across much of japan. very autumn-like here. even on wednesday, you might see some light rain showers into tokyo, and thursday into friday, see this low-pressure area over korea right now, that is going to be pushing over towards japan, evening bringing snow showers to the china/russia border. we're also talking about the tropics today. this tie fan moving of of ever so slowly off towards the northwest at this time. it's expected to start to turn north and then eventually northeast by the end of the week. the main threat with this storm system is going to be the waves. near the center of circulation, 10-meter-high waves could be seen. definitely any shipping traffic through this area is going to be roughed up, but also along the coast in the southern japanese islands, okinawa, luzon, about 4-meter-high rough surf
will be gathering in the city on tuesday. some locals have opened an information center to make sure their stay goes smoothly. about 20,000 government representatives from around the world will attend meetings and other events throughout the week. local business people opened an information center in the district. staff will tell visitors about tourist destinations around the city. members of the japan national tourism organization are ready with maps and tablet devices to help people find restaurants and tourist sites. >> translator: i hope many visitors will get a sense of what's great about japan, tokyo. i'd like them to visit again and spread the word. >> they will get free wi-fi service and measure buildings. they will also take walking tours to see the district and the imperial palace. >>> employment figures in the united states show improvements in september as the presidential campaign heats up in the country the news could provide a boost to president barack obama. u.s. department officials say the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% last month down 0.3 percentage points since august. the low
of vehicles littered the street. along with the dead the explosion wounded more than 70 others. local media said he played a role in detaining a cabinet minister that supported assad. >> i think this is a message we should convey today and say whatever we are, whether we are from the opposition, from the majority, from this or that group, we refuse these kinds of acts. >> no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. >>> the effort the end syria's civil war ramps up again this weekend. the united nations is in damascus asked for a temporary cease-fire. the meeting with syria's foreign minister and is expected to sit down with president assad. he'll repeat his call for government forces and opposition fighters to put down their weapons during the upcoming islamic festival. >> translator: we will talk about the cease-fire and the syrian issue in general. it's important to decrease the violence. we will talk with the government and political parties and civil society about the syrian issue. >> he'll explain a proposal to send peacekeepers to syria. unarmed u.n. observers left the country i
local support. they also say he has a high-handled political style. many venezuelans have been frustrated with high inflation and worried about chavez' health. the president has been battling cancer. >>> now here's your three-day world weather forecast. ♪ >>> here's our top story again. two pioneers of stem cell research have won the nobel prize in nizology or medicine. japan's shinya yamanaka shares the honor with britain's john b. gurdon. both discovered mature specialized cells can eventually develop into all of the tissues ma make up the body. >> the nobel assembly institute has today decided to award the nobel prize in physiology or medicine 2012 jointly to john b. gurdon and shinya yamanaka. >> the nobel assembly in stockholm, sweden, made the announcement monday. yamanaka is 50 years old. he's a professor at kyoto university. he established the method to produce a new type of cells called induced pluripotent cells or ips cells. they're capable of becoming specialized cells which can be used to develop neurons or heart muscle. john b. gurdon was the first to hypothesize
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